Senior researcher of the Norwegian institute of public health; The ban of E-cigarettes flavours would lead to more smoking


Norsk Dampselskap has received permission to translate parts of Karl Erik Lunds article of the consequences of a ban of E-cigarettes flavours.

Karl Erik Lund, Senior Researcher at FHI has written an article about what the effect will be of a taste ban on E-cigarettes.

We will here translate the main points of his article.

Use of e-cigarettes in Norway:

FHI (Norwegian institute of public health) has monitored the use of e-cigarettes in Norway since 2013. Only 1 to 1.5% of the adult population use them.

E-cigarettes are the second most used smoking cessation drug in Norway. Former smokers account for 94% of all e-cigarette users.


E-juice flavors:

The Ministry of Health bases its law proposal note on an unpublished note from FHI written in 2017, which states that adult vapers do not care if there is a tobacco or fruit flavors in the e-cigarette.

In the period after 2017, several studies and articles have been published that show that although there are more adults who use tobacco flavors than young people, most e-cig users want to vape other flavors than tobacco..

The Health department of Norway has not taken this into account in its law proposal.

80% of those who use e-cigarettes now use flavors that will be banned if the bill passes.


Consequences of the flavorban:

The Health Department believes that a taste ban will not significantly prevent adult smokers from switching to e-cigarettes since tobacco taste will still be available.

Lund refers to several studies from England, Canada and the USA where many state that they will go back to cigarettes, try to import flavors illegally or try to produce flavors themselves.

Only 10% say that they will then stop using e-cigarettes without returning to cigarettes.

Many responses (to the law proposal) from users of e-cigarettes in Norway say the same. Many are afraid that they will have to go back to cigarettes.

This is just a short summary of Lund's article. We at NDS recommend everyone to read the full article here: